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  • Peach Margarita Specialty Lip Balm by The Lip Balm Queen
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Peach Margarita Luxurious Lip Balm by The Lip Balm Queen - LBQ No. 4


Product Description

Peach Margarita Luxurious Lip Balm by The Lip Balm Queen

This luxurious formula starts off with an chamomile butter combined blended with organic palm oil and murumuru butter. Apricot Kernel and Shea oil are super moiturizing and give this a nice shine and softness. This special lip balm also has Sea Buckthorn oil. This has an incredible luxurious feel and real staying power as well. This is flavored with an incredible peach margarita flavor. Love this one! Juicy peach with a bit of tart from the lime.

Murumuru Butter's unique composition of essential fatty acids and Pro-Vitamin A help restore elasticity to damaged and aging skin and makes a highly suitable ingredient for use in anti-aging formulations. It is also soothing addition for products intended to heal dry and cracked skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is an unsurpassed natural source of vitamins A and E, carotenes and flavonoids. Seabuckthorn berries are second only to Rose hips and Acerola in vitamin C content. They are also rich in several other vitamins, including B1, B2, K and P as well as in more than two dozen microelements.

Seabuckthorn Berry Oil and Seabuckthorn Seed Oil both possess nourishing, revitalizing, and restorative properties. Seabuckthorn Berry Oil is a beneficial ingredient in formulations intended for acne, dermatitis, irritated or dry skin, eczema, skin ulcers, postpartum pigmentation, burns, scalds, cuts, and tissue regeneration. The stimulation of tissue regeneration is helpful in the treatment of burns and poorly healing wounds. Seabuckthorn Berry Oil helps reduce the damaging effects of sun radiation. It can effectively combat wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of malnourished or prematurely aging skin.

The restorative action of Sea Buckthorn Oil may be partially due to the high content of fatty acids and essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols, all important for the maintenance of healthy skin. The fatty acid content of Seabuckthorn Berry Oil is 80 - 95%. The major fatty acids contained in seabuckthorn oil are oleic and linoleic acids. It also contains the following fatty acids: pentadecenoic, palmitoleic, heptadecenoic, linolenic, eicosenoic, eicosadienoic, erucic and nervonic. Among the carotenes found in Seabuckthorn are alfa- and beta-carotenes, lycopene, cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, taraxanthin and phytofluin. Tocopherols are primarily vitamin E and gamma-tocopherol. Phytosterols of seabuckthorn oil include beta-sitosterol, beta-amirol and erithrodiol. This oil is truely amazing.

The lip balm is a soothing blend handmade by me from my proprietary recipe using specialty butters and healing high end oils. The result is worthy of royalty but we'll just keep it to ourselves for now. This balm truly pampers.

The labels on these are heavy duty weather resistant polyester and should be able to keep your label looking nice with everyday use and abuse.

Fit for the princess in all of us!

What have people said about The Lip Balm Queen?

"Was blown away on how yummy this balm is! Thanks!"

Thank you for your order your Majesty and be prepared for The Royal Treatment :)

Please convo me with any questions....The Queen is In


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