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Rosehip Jasmine Roll On Perfume Oil - 10 ml


Product Description

p Jasmine Roll On Perfume Oil - 10 ml


This fragrance is a beautiful blend of light-heartened rosehip and the sultry scent of jasmine. The scent of rosehip is a sweeter, more 'pink' smell than straight rose. When blended with jasmine, it creates a perfect floral balance.


Perfect to carry along in your purse for little touch-ups throughout the day.

PERFUME OIL ROLLER STIX are great for layering scents as well, which is one of my favorite ways to use them.

Just put one or two in your purse or in your pocket and you are good to go!


To use: Apply to pulse points on wrists, inside the elbows, behind the ears, or anywhere you want a boost of fragrance. Allow it to sink in for 1-2 minutes and you’ll smell ‘GRAPE’ for hours! (Great!)

This listing is for 1 PERFUME OIL ROLLER STIX and contains approximately 10 ml.


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1.50 Ounces


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