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Welcome to ForGoodnessGrape!

Hi, I’m Lisa, the chief formulator and artisan behind ForGoodnessGrape and The Lip Balm Queen and now Willow Apothecary. I have always had a special love for handmade and I've always loved lip balm, perfume and soaps. I saw a need for natural beauty products and heard my calling. I create premium beauty products and offer them at reasonable prices and share the thought that feeling beautiful should be fun. I’ve been told by many customers that I have the best lip balms on Earth!
I love the indie artisan way of life and the creativity it allows me. I am passionate about natural ingredients and have found a way to utilize nature to bring beauty to others. Being absorbed in natural and handmade products really opens your eyes and you end up knowing that natural and handmade are what’s best for your body and for our world. As an indie business, Willow Apothecary and ForGoodnessGrape are very earth friendly and I love to give back to my community share the rewards of this wonderful indie life. Between April 2010 and March 2013 you may have seen me in my shop on Etsy. During that time I sold over 8,000 items thanks to all of my wonderful and loyal customers and was included in the top 25 Handmade Beauty category on Craft Count! Now I want to be able to share my passion with the world which this direct site offers so I've said fare well to Etsy. In addition I also offer several of my products in my Amazon shop.
Oh and you may wonder how ForGoodnessGrape got its name. Well…I’ll share that too. I was making a grape flavored lip balm one day and when it came time to name it, guess what popped into my head? ForGoodnessGrape. I know sometimes my names may seem a little silly but like I said, you've got to have fun! And there you have it.






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I am also a Certified Medical Assistant and I put into practice all of the safety procedures and precautions observed in the medical industry. What this means for you is that you will receive a product that is fresh and free from contaminates and that is safe for personal use or consumption.
Best of all there’s something for every budget! 
Thank you for visiting ForGoodnessGrape and for sharing in my love of handmade!
Lisa :)
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