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About Sugary Lips Scrubs



Did you know that your lips are one of the first areas of your body that someone notices when they look at you? Using a lip scrub is the easiest and best way to remove dry dead skin from your lips and help to promote healthy, soft and supple lips.

How does it work?

A lip scrub removes dry dead skin from the top layer of your lips thus making your lips silky smooth and kissable. It helps the skin hold more moisture and prevents chapping and helps your lip balm, lip tint or lipstick stay on better. Also visible wrinkles around the mouth are less noticeable and can help put an end to the viscous cycle of biting your lips. What more could you ask for?

How are they made?
At ForGoodnessGrape lip scrubs are made using a combination of sugars in different grain sizes and my very popular lip balm base (see ingredients here) which I make using a blend of healing butters and oils. All are flavored to be super yummy. I pour them into oval lip balm tubes and you apply it straight from the tube similar to using a lip balm. You never have to touch the product directly and when you're done you'll feel a nice coat of lip balm left on your lips. I also decorate the tops with decorative sugars to make them look fabulous. The same decorative sugars on the top will be found throughout the scrub.
How to use a lip scrub in a tube
Hold the tube as if you were going to apply lip balm. Then gently rub the product across your lips in a circular and back and forth motion paying particular attention to dry and flaky areas. When you're done you can rinse your lips with water or use a tissue to remove the sugar from your lips or it's totally safe and YUMMIER to just lick it off. Complete your treatment by applying a good lip balm immediately after exfoliating which will nourish and moisturize the newly exposed skin on your lips. It’s super quick and easy. Start out using your Sugary Lip Scrub daily after brushing your teeth. Then use at least once a week to keep your lips smooth, healthy looking. Make your Sugary Lip Scrub a part of your overall skin and lip beauty.
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