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Black Raspberry Vanilla Cola Lip Balm


Product Description

An absolutely delectable blend of sun-ripened black raspberries and creamy sweet vanilla then topped off with a dash of cola. This is one of my new personal favorites.

So what's the difference between a black berry and a black raspberry?

Taste: A black raspberry is more fruity and less tart than a blackberry. Also contains less sugar so is not as sweet. Has a very unique taste that is not really similar to any other berry.

Health: Black raspberries are one of the healthiest berries on the planet.  They are lower in sugar than most berries and also contain a lot of fiber (around 8 grams per cup).  They contain large amounts of anthocyanins, and around three times the antioxidants found in blackberries.  They are also one of the most well-researched berries, especially in the area of cancer prevention.

ForGoodnessGrape lip balms give your lips a nice clear shine, superior moisture, and protection from the elements. Pamper your lips with the super soft and buttery feel of ForGoodnessGrape lip balms. Try layering different flavors for a whole new experience.

Why not pair this up with one of my Sugary Lip Scrubs?

Just put one in your purse or in your pocket and you are good to go!

This listing is for 1 Lip Candy Lip Balm and contains approximately .15 oz


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1.00 Ounces


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