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The Store is Temporarily Closed For Moving and Will Reopen Again in Spring 2022

The Store is Temporarily Closed & Will Reopen in Spring 2022

I am in the process of moving across the country to be close to my mom and sister. As you may know 2021 has been a very sad and difficult year for me. Earlier this year I lost my very best friend, my husband who was my everything. Then on 11/5/21 I had to have my kitty put down. She had Congestive Heart Failure and her lungs were filling with fluid and she could barely breathe. She seemed fine for the past 2 weeks so this came on rather suddenly. This was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. She was 14 yrs old and we had her ever since we were first married. Our little fur baby. So in 2021 I lost my entire little family.

I've purchased a new home there that is much smaller than the one we had in Maryland. Downsizing will do me good. It will be there that I start a new chapter in my life. Being far away from where I experienced so much grief and pain will help me to heal. I want to be excited and happy again. I will only make my products when I'm happy and feeling great. I believe this is instilled into my products. In fact, it's my secret ingredient. The one that makes them fun and leaves you feeling happy and fantastic when you use them.

I just wanted you all to know what's going on in my world. I've also included pictures below to honor them both.

Cali found me 15 days after we were married. She was only 4 pounds and the temperature outside was only 28 degrees. Of course I snatched her up into my arms and brought into my warm home and fed her. Then she was ours. This picture was taken shortly after she found us.

Love to you all,




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