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My GRAPE Philosophy



LOOKING BEAUTIFUL shouldn’t be a chore, it should be FUN and ForGoodnessGrape brings you products that you can count on having fun with and feeling flirty when wearing them. All while knowing that you are wearing one of the best products available, from the fun and flirty sweet candy flavors in my Lip Candy Lip Balms to the yummy bakery scents in my Perfume collections. You will enjoy and have fun using them!


You've arrived! This is the last stop on your quest to find the best lip balm

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE FORGOODNESSGRAPE MAKES! ALL of my products are hands down, THE BEST "Top Shelf" products you will ever try. Everything is made to order using fresh high quality ingredients, then blended in micro batches and hand poured resulting in the ultimate fresh and high quality beauty products you've come to know and love. Each has a combination of at least 3-4 different highly moisturizing butters and 2-3 different superior skin softening oils.
Once you experience the difference of ForGoodnessGrape you'll wonder how you ever lived without them in the first place.


Custom labeled lip balms and perfumes make a perfect wedding or showr gift

You name it and I'll design the label to your specs and you can have them put on ANY FLAVOR you'd like! Really 'GRAPE' for holiday gifts, birthdays, wedding favors, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. Easy to order, just convo me for special pricing and a custom listing!


All you need to look & feel Grape

Due to our namesake I will refer to the word ‘GREAT’ as ‘GRAPE’ throughout my shop and in listings so please don’t let this confuse you while you’re shopping and looking at different item flavors and scents. Like the goodies in my's just meant to be fun.


Flavor and Fragrance List and Fragrance Descriptions

If you see something you'd like from this list but don't see it in my shop, please contact me for a custom listing. I'm always happy to help :)Thank you for visiting ForGoodnessGrape and for sharing in my love and passion of handmade! Lisa :)


Help spread Grapeness and Share me with a Friend

Here a just few new terms coined about ForGoodnessGrape products during the Kevin and Amanda feature review and giveaway that I absolutely loved:


Dessert on a Stick
Guilty Pleasures
This is like blowing your diet without any calories! :)
Dessert on my lips? Yes please. :)
My nose hairs are dancing with excitement and anticipation!
So incredibly delicious!!!
I hope I win!! I want to smell like sugary food!! :)
I feel like I have yummy smells just swirling about in my mind! I can't help myself...
These look decadent!
Jelly Doughnut!! Mmmm, makes me hungry!
I want to win - -you have me drooling for some Goodness Grape!
I never had a lava lamp :(
Smells like a bakery and no calories. Definitely a win, win situation.
And to think all of this and NO calories... SIGN ME UP!!! :)
Oh my gosh!! HEAVEN!!
My mouth is watering right now! Yummmmmmm!!!!!!
You had me at Frosted Pink Sugar Cookie

Thank you to everyone for saying such 'GRAPE' things! :)

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