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Southern Sweet Tea Lip Balm


Product Description

No time to brew? Then this thirst quenching Southern Sweet Tea lip balm will cure your craving!

Perfect Sweet Tea. (makes 1 gallon)
(Adapted from the Lone Star Steak House)

Ingredients -
5 - 8  Family size Tea Bags (or 12 regular Tea Bags) 
   ( true southerners prefer Luzianne Brand Tea to make their sweet tea)
1 Quart  (4 Cups) - Boiling Water
3 Quarts (12 cups) - Cool Water
1 1/2 - 2 (one & a half) - Cups Sugar. 
1/4 teaspoon - Baking Soda (this IS the SECRET Ingredient!!)

Directions - 
1.   Sprinkle baking soda into a pitcher (secret ingredient)
      Add Tea bags to the pitcher/baking soda,  
      Pour Boiling water over tea bags, 
      Cover and allow to steep for 15 minutes.                    

2.  Remove and toss out Tea Bags,
     Add Sugar and Stir until completely dissolved. 
     Add Cool Water.
     Refrigerate until cold and ready to drink.

3.  Serve over ice, 
     Take a nice long sip.

Ya'll Enjoy!

Thank you to Denise for suggesting this thirst quenching lip balm!

ForGoodnessGrape lip balms give your lips a nice clear shine, superior moisture, and protection from the elements. Pamper your lips with the super soft and buttery feel of ForGoodnessGrape lip balms. Try layering different flavors for a whole new experience.

Why not pair this up with one of my Sugary Lip Scrubs?

Just put one in your purse or in your pocket and you are good to go!

This listing is for 1 Lip Candy Lip Balm and contains approximately .15 oz


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1.00 Ounces


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